Hubei Biocause Phamaceutical Co., Ltd.
122-132 Yangwan Road,Jingmen, Hubei, China
Tel.:++86 (0)27 65651730 / 85628285
Fax.:++86 (0)27 65652329
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      Hubei Biocause Group is a public listed company, involves Pharmaceutical, Chemical and new energy fuel. The company is also the biggest share holder of two insurance companies (Life Insurance and Motor Insurance).Biocause’s pharmaceutical part involves Contract Research, Contract Manufacture and production of API, intermediates and formulations, including tablets, granules, capsules and etc.Biocause is one leading pharmaceutical producer and exporter in China, with strong Production, R&D and Quality system. The company has 8 APIs registered in FDA and 4 APIs with CEP. The company has passed US FDA inspections, EU GMP inspection all on first attempts, covering 3 API facilities and multi-APIs, including kilo production site as well as hundreds tons commercial site.  The product has been exported to over 85 countries globally and half of them sold into regulatory market as USA and EU. 

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